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Cyber Security for Public Leadership: Planning, Policy and Strategy

product title: Cyber Security for Public Leadership: Planning, Policy and Strategy

ISBN: A103000222165

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Please note you are purchasing a place on the next intake of this course which will begin on 3 August 2024. The deadline for joining this intake is 1pm (GMT) on Friday 2 August 2024. After this time, you will be able to purchase a place on the October 2024 intake.

From protecting personal information to safeguarding systems against cyber attacks, the need to be cyber aware has become increasingly important in our technology-driven world.  Cyber professionals stand on the front-line, but they are not the only ones who hold responsibility for looking after our data and technology. If you are a leader – whether it is within the public sector, in a private company providing public services or beyond – keeping your organisation and your customers safe from cyber incidents is now a vital aspect of your role.  

This eight-week course aims to help you build the skills that you need to plan for and respond to potential threats in a more strategic way. Through a mixture of activities, including simulation exercises and the analysis of real-world case studies, you will explore how and why cyber attacks happen, common types of malicious practice, who may be responsible for them and the sorts of harms they can cause. You will also examine cyber security as an operational risk and how to manage it, covering both technical and human-related factors.   

You’ll be taught by the world’s leading academics at the Blavatnik School of Government, with a mission to inspire and support better government and public policy around the world. The University of Oxford is ranked #1 globally in the 2022 Times Higher Education World University rankings.